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    FORM A

    In situations where urgency is paramount, particularly in resolving financial disputes during divorce or dissolution proceedings, our services are meticulously tailored to meet your immediate requirements. 

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    We specialise in offering an ‘urgent MIAM’ (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) online, providing swift access to our accredited mediation services. This is especially vital for individuals requiring a ‘MIAM before court’ and the subsequent submission of ‘Form A’ for financial orders. Our process ensures that your ‘online MIAM’ can be scheduled within 48 hours of your initial contact, exemplifying our commitment to prompt response and efficiency. Following your MIAM, we further accelerate the procedure by releasing the requisite ‘Form A’ within 24 hours, thereby facilitating your navigation through the legal formalities. Moreover, we guarantee to invite the other party involved within 24 hours, promoting prompt and effective communication. Trust in our Accredited Family Mediator to guide you with professionalism and empathy through the Financial Arrangement Order process, specifically adapted to your urgent needs.


    In situations where rapid resolution is critical, particularly regarding Child Arrangements Orders in family disputes, our services are specifically tailored for prompt and effective action.

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    We provide an urgent MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) online, catering to immediate needs in cases involving the C100 form for Child Arrangements Orders. Our process ensures that you can schedule your online MIAM within 48 hours of your initial contact, highlighting our commitment to quick and efficient service.

    Upon completion of your MIAM, we streamline your journey through the legal formalities by releasing the necessary C100 court form within 24 hours. This expeditious approach is vital in reducing the duration and stress typically associated with legal proceedings. Also, we facilitate timely communication by inviting the other party involved within 24 hours, aiming to expedite the resolution process.

    Our Accredited Family Mediator is dedicated to guiding you through the Child Arrangements Order process with professionalism and empathy.

    C100 + FORM A

    In scenarios where immediate action is critical, especially in cases involving both C100 (Child Arrangements Orders) and Form A (Financial Orders), our services are specifically designed for swift and effective resolution.

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    Our urgent MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) online caters to those needing prompt assistance with these important court forms, including the FM1 form which is often required in family law proceedings. We guarantee that your online MIAM can be booked within 48 hours of your enquiry, underscoring our commitment to rapid response and efficiency.

    Following your MIAM, we prioritise the expedited release of both C100 and Form A court forms within 24 hours, streamlining your legal process during what can be a highly stressful time. This swift turnaround is essential to facilitating a quicker resolution to your family law matters. In addition, we ensure the other party is invited to the mediation within 24 hours, promoting effective and timely communication between all involved parties.

    Online MIAM From the Comfort of Your Home

    Our Online MIAM service is specifically designed for those needing an urgent MIAM, offering a swift and convenient way to fulfill legal requirements, especially when a MIAM before court is necessary. With the ability to access these sessions from anywhere with an internet connection, you get the flexibility and immediacy needed in urgent situations.

    Our scheduling is tailored for convenience, accommodating even the busiest schedules with options for evenings and weekends. This adaptability is essential for those who require an urgent MIAM, ensuring that you can arrange these vital meetings without delay.

    The technology requirements for our Online MIAM are minimal, requiring just a device with a camera and microphone, making it an accessible option for everyone.

    Urgent MIAM

    MIAM Assessment Meeting


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    Mediation Session


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    Preparation of final agreement for finances & Property (OFS or MOU)

    One Off Fee


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    For all finance & property mediation there will be an additional, one off fee of £75 per person, which covers the set up of your financial to do list and updating of financial disclosure booklet. This is payable with the first joint session fee.

    There is no charge for letters, emails, telephone calls between sessions (within reason).

    We are signed up to the Government Voucher Scheme, which offers £500 per family towards the costs of joint child mediation sessions: https://www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk/mediation-vouchers/

    Urgent MIAM

    Meet Your Expert Family Mediator

    Family Mediation Service is run by Liz McTear. Liz was called to the Bar (non-practising Barrister) in 2008. With extensive expertise regarding financial matters, having set up Debt Expert, working with people with debts and providing legal solutions, including debt relief orders, IVAs and bankruptcy, and also designed budgeting courses and budgeting mobile apps. Liz is a member of Family Mediation Association, Family Mediation Council and Resolution and can facilitate the new Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings which were introduced on 6th April 2011.

    Hear From Our Satisfied Clients


    “I cannot recommend Liz more highly. From the initial communication …

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    through to the online appointment she was friendly but professional and knowledgeable. I felt heard which is so important with such a sensitive topic where compassion is important, balanced with impartial guidance.”


    “Liz was able to guide me through the mediation process effectively and easily, making sure I …

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    understood the process clearly, and constantly gave examples and reassurances throughout the mediation process. I would have no issue in thoroughly recommending Liz, should anyone require the need of a mediator.”


    “Liz was fantastic from the moment I sent an enquiry until the moment we said goodbye. She was …

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    polite, courteous, professional, and thorough. Liz listened and offered advice to fully support me from start to finish. It was an easy transaction and helped us greatly with the issues we were having.”


    “I had a mediation assessment with Liz and she was very helpful to me from first filling in the …

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    online enquiry form, right up to and after my mediation assessment with advice and support. Liz is a lovely lady and nothing I asked was ever too much trouble. I highly recommend her if you are looking for mediation.”


    “Liz was very supportive from my first contact. Informative, wise and full of strategies, but most of all patient and caring.”


    “An absolute exemplary Service, extremely knowledgeable, discreet and …

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    confidential with all information exchanged. I would highly recommend this team, it was clearly explained to me exactly what my assessment entailed, my case was handled sensitively, I felt confident in progressing with my original enquiry.”


    “A pleasant experience with a lovely professional. She made it very …

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    comfortable for me to talk and I felt safe in sharing personal information.”


    “Liz made a very difficult time and situation much easier. The process …

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    was always managed well by her and she gave very clear advice on how to move forward with proceedings in a simple but clear way, which helped clarify some of the more technical steps and language.”

    We can offer Legal Aid for family mediation.

    To find out if you qualify, use the online Legal Aid Checker at www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid or contact us to discuss.